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5-page Web site

  A simple Web site for
  your family or business.
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Plan Features
• Hosting
   • 50 MB Disk Space
   • 1 GB Bandwidth
• 1 Email Account
• 50 Email Forwards
• FREE! 
$60 MySpace®

myAds Credit****

• FREE! $100 Google®
  AdWords® Credit*
• FREE! 
10 Fotolia® Credits^

• FREE! Google Webmaster Tools
10-page Web site

  More features, more
  pages, just as easy.
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Plan Features
• Hosting
   • 2 GB Disk Space
   • 100 GB Bandwidth
• 500 Email Accounts
• Unlimited Email Forwards
Site Surveys Tool

• FREE! 
$60 MySpace®

myAds Credit****

• FREE! $100 Google®
  AdWords® Credit*
• FREE! 
10 Fotolia® Credits^

• FREE! Google Webmaster Tools
999-page Web site1

  All the space and
  pages you need.
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Plan Features
• Hosting
   • 4 GB Disk Space
   • 200 GB Bandwidth
• 1,000 Email Accounts
• Unlimited Email Forwards
• FREE! 
Site Surveys Tool

• FREE! 
$60 MySpace®

myAds Credit****

• FREE! 
$100 Google®

AdWords® Credit*

• FREE! 
10 Fotolia® Credits^

• FREE! Google Webmaster Tools
  • All Plans Include
    1,500+ pre-built templates
    20,000 free images
    FREE hosting & email
    Easy click-&-type editing
    Flash Intros
    No software to download
    No set-up fees
  • 24/7 Support

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Over 1,500 Templates
Professionally designed Web page templates with color-scheme and photo combinations provide you with thousands of options. You really can build your own Web site even if you have no technical skills. Open your Internet browser, select your images and type your text. Just like that, your site gets built or updated.
View templates

Pre-Built and Ready To Go
Get a head-start building your site with WebSite Tonight's pre-built templates. There are over 90 five-page sites to choose from! Page titles, navigation buttons and layouts tailored to your interests are all built right in. You simply replace the text and images with your own, and your site is ready for the Web. It's easy!
View examples

Image Gallery
Over 20,000 FREE images… animals to architecture, people to places. And don't worry; you'll find what you're looking for fast thanks to the Image Gallery's handy Search feature. Of course, if you still can't find what you're looking for, easily add your own favorite images. WebSite Tonight supports .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .jpe, .jfif, and .dib.
Browse Gallery

Flash Animation
Add some flash to your site! Select from over 60 Flash introductions in various categories or upload your own. Want music? You can do that, too. Add a “soundtrack” to your own intros or those you select from our Intro Gallery – simply select from a predefined list of music loops, reference an online mp3 file or upload your own!
See Flash samples

Cool Stuff

Photo albums, forums, tables, RSS feeds, video and audio, guestbook's and more. We've even added Widgets for weather, maps, news, clocks, Twitter and Flickr® (Deluxe and Premium plans). WebSite Tonight really does offer all you need to create a professional-looking, successful and FUN site. All that's holding you back is your imagination!
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 How It Works

Pick a Design.

  • Start with one of WebSite Tonight's 1,500+ design templates, including over 90 with
    pre-built text
    , photos and navigation for 5 pages.
  • Choose from 14 page layouts that put your site in the best light… each page can have a different layout.
Make it Yours.

  • Fine-tune your color scheme or change the color of any site element to create that perfect look.
  • Choose out of 20,000 professional-quality images from our photo gallery.
  • Upload your own images with the multiple file uploader.
  • Format your content with bullets, numbering, hyperlinks… even input and edit your own HTML.
  • Add videos, music, pre-designed Flash animations, RSS feeds, widgets and much more.
Publish it!

  • Preview your site with one click to view and navigate before you publish to the Web.
  • Publish your Web site with one click – you're live on the Web.
  • Optimize for search engines with Google Webmaster Tools.
Build Your Website
Customize Your Web Site
Add Elements to Your Web Site
Publish Your Web Site
Protect Your Web Site
Market Your Web Site
More Cool Stuff
Build Your Website
  • Choose one of 1,500+ professionally designed templates - View
  • Add Images (20,000+ free images included) – View
  • Pick your font and color scheme
  • Add widgets for weather, maps, news, clocks, Twitter and Flickr®
  • Add Flash intros with music, videos and more – View
  • Add RSS Feeds
  • Add Forums
  • Publish a "Coming Soon" page in 3 easy steps
  • Share content, add specialty content
  • Make your site .mobi-compatible

= Deluxe and Premium plans only

Tours & Examples

  • Product Tour
  • View sample flash Intros
  • Sample Templates
Pre-built Site Examples – Get up and running in no time!
These are just a few examples of the more than 90 pre-built sites that come with WebSite Tonight. Already fully functional with content, contact forms and imagery – all you need to do is personalize with your information!

Small Business
  • Auto
  • Artist
  • Business
  • Cleaning
  • Fitness
  • Landscaping
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant
  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Baby
  • Family
  • Pet
  • Résumé
  • School
  • Wedding
  • Youth Sports

 Compare Plans

  Economy Plan Deluxe Plan Premium Plan
Pages 5-page Web site 10-page Web site 999-page Web site1

Disk Space 50 MB 2 GB 4 GB
Bandwidth 1 GB 100 GB 200 GB

Email Accounts 1 500 1,000
Email Forwards 50 Unlimited Unlimited

Sold separately Sold separately Sold separately

Site Surveys Tool
MySpace® myAds Credit FREE $60 FREE $60 FREE $60
Google® AdWords® Credit* FREE $75 FREE $75 FREE $75
Google Webmaster Tools
Fotolia® Photo Credits^ FREE 10 Credits FREE 10 Credits FREE 10 Credits

1,500+ professionally designed templates
90 pre-built templates with
content and images
20,000 images included
Upload your own images
14 page layouts
Easy click & type editing
Customize color and fonts
Flash Intros
Image Galleries
Guest Book
RSS Feeds
Integrate Quick Shopping Cart
Subnavigation support
Widgets – just click & add
Page-level header images
Page-level password protection
Video recorder
Event Calendar

Annual discounts available on NEW purchases only.
****One promotional credit per customer for a new MySpace® myAds account. View Details.
*One promotional credit per customer for a new Google® AdWords® account. View Details.
^One free promotional credit per customer, good for ten free download credits at Fotolia® View Details.
1Number of Web pages is limited to 999. Performance may begin to slow at varying numbers of pages depending on potential physical and practical constraints, including (but not limited to): system architecture, system capacity, system load, end-user Internet connectivity and end-user computer configurations.
†$195 value based on MySpace® myAds Credit, Google AdWords Credit, and Site Surveys Tool. Comparison prices are accurate as of 11/11/2010 and are subject to change.