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Connect with all of your customers in just a few clicks!
Gain new customers and keep current ones coming back with beautiful, full-color emails – no knowledge of HTML required! Built-in safeguards ensure your emails are legal and above-board all the way.


$7.99 /month


$12.99 /month


$19.99 /month

 • 500 Emails Per Month
 • Custom HTML Emails
 • Survey Builder - Included
 • List Manager - Included



• 2,500 Emails Per Month
 • Custom HTML Emails
 • Survey Builder - Included
 • List Manager - Included



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 • 5,000 Emails Per Month
 • Custom HTML Emails
 • Survey Builder - Included
 • List Manager - Included



All Plans Include                                                                                                       All Plans Include          FAQs          Support & Community     

> 150 quick start email

> Huge 1,500+ image librarydesigns

> Automatic photo resizing

> Ability to create both HTML & text emails

> Now-or-later scheduling

> Sign-up form for your home page

> Easy list import

> Bounce & unsubscribe handling

> Detailed reports

> Survey buil

> List Managerder


> What Is Express Email Marketing?

> What is an Express Email Marketing survey?

> How do I set up Express Email Marketing?

> How do I set up Express Email Marketing?

> System Requirements

> Legal Agreement

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Support & Community
Our highly trained, courteous support staff is waiting to take your call. Whatever time it takes to assist you, that's the time you'll receive. We'll resolve any issue to your complete satisfaction.
Telephone Support & Sales FASTEST!                                                Email support                                                    

> Expected wait time: 0 minutes 

> 24x7 Technical Support - U.S. (480) 624-2500

> 24x7 Billing Support - (480) 624-2515

> Expected Response Time: 9 hours

> Access Email Support System

How it Works
Click. Write. Send.
Use our professionally designed HTML emails to let your customers know about sales, special events
and more. Analyze your results to refine future email efforts.
Choose a design
  Build your list
  • Place the included sign-up form on your Web site. This form will
    help you gather email addresses in a way that conforms to
    anti-spam laws.
  • Add the sign-up link to your email signature, your Twitter® or Facebook® account – even the closing line on your eBay® or Craig’s List® entries.
Add your products
  Send your email
  • Create great-looking emails. Choose from a truly stunning
    collection of 150 ready-to-use designs.
  • Add text and photos from our Image Library or upload your
    own – they automatically resize to fit your email!
Start selling
  Track the results
  • Easily generate reports that tell you how many emails you sent,
    how many were opened, how many people responded to individual offers or promotions and more.
Start selling
  Find out more
  • Find out what your customers really want – create, send and
    tabulate surveys with the survey tool.

Dazzle them with great-looking emails.
With Express Email Marketing, you can advertise sales, events and more with full-color, professional emails. A host of handy features make it easy to customize your emails to suit your needs.
Campaign builder
  • 150 professional email designs
  • Huge 1,500+ Image Library
  • Option to upload your own images
  • HTML & text emails
  • Auto Save feature
  • Advanced editor
  • Now-or-later scheduling
  • Ability to tailor emails to various interest groups
  Survey Builder
  • Write, send and tabulate customer satisfaction surveys
  • 9 unique question types
  • Custom design features
  • Link generator (text & button)
List Manager  
  • Keep names, addresses and campaign history at your fingertips
  • Segment your emails by interest or demographic information
  • View reports on subscriber responses
  • Easy import/export feature
Real-time reports
  • Undeliverable emails
  • Unsubscribe requests
  • Number opened
  • Click-through rates to your website
Sign-up forms
  • Standard & custom questions
  • Question sorting
  • Custom design features
  • Return links
  • Form preview
  • Link generator (text & button)
  • HTML code for link
Other features
  • Bounce handling
  • Unsubscribe handling
  • Opt-in confirmation
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Spam reporting links
  • Custom e-mail messages

Why Email?
These days everyone’s trying to do more with less,
including marketing their businesses.
Email is one of the most effective and inexpensive tools in your marketing arsenal, with an average
cost of less than a penny per email. It's also an obvious (if often overlooked) strategy for generating
more revenue from the customers you already have. Best of all, every Express Email Marketing email
has an opt-out link at the bottom, so they're completely permission-based.
  • Email is the simple and inexpensive way to generate added income from
    current customers.
  • Inform your customers about upcoming promotions, special offers, and
    your new products and services.
  • Email is convenient — customers can read your email when they
    want, where they want.