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Add Deluxe Registration to an existing domain

Make your Web site visible on the MILLIONS of daily searches at both morekeys and other registrars.

Get more hits, visitors and sales on your Web site with Deluxe Registration.
It's a complete online listing– including your Web site, phone number and more
and is instantly available to everyone who searches for your domain name in the WhoIs database.
Best of all, your personal information stays private thanks to Private Registration (included). At just $11.94/yr,
it's your affordable, effective advertising investment!

Deluxe Registration includes:
  • Private Registration
    Shield your personal information from public view; you control who reaches you and when!
  • Business Registration
    • Presents vital information about your business or organization in a searchable format
    • Visible to millions who search the domain name (WhoIs) database
    • Includes your business name, logo, up to four Web links, phone number, address, operating hours,
      directions to your store – there’s even space for coupons!
    • Organize multiple business listings from one screen
    • Redesigned WhoIs and business card screens present a polished image
Drive traffic to your site - and keep your personal information private!
Includes Business Registration and Private Registration: Only $11.94/yr